Zooey’s Family contacted the JLACF and needed some help bridging the gap between the medical possibilities and the cost of the therapies. The JLACF was able to help, and here is what her Family had to say:
She is full of personality. Some of her favorite activities include begging for tuna, drinking out of the bathroom sink, looking out the window, and squeezing herself into tiny boxes. Zooey continues to add life into our home thanks to The JLACF. Unfortunately, the cost blindsided us. We wanted to do everything possible, but with the cost of living… we just didn’t have the expendable income to move forward with treatments.


She was diagnosed with nasal lymphoma about 6 weeks ago. It started with a little sneeze that we attributed to a kitty-cold, but when we noticed that she had a unilateral runny nose, we knew something was wrong. Our worst fears were confirmed- our baby had cancer. We were determined to do anything and everything possible to give her the best quality of life and her oncologist recommended both chemo and radiation treatments.



The JLACF came to our aid and we cannot be more thankful. They gave Zooey a second chance at life. She has been tolerating both treatments very well and we couldn’t be more relieved. Zooey has a bigger appetite than ever (she recently even stole a French fry out of my hand- what cat eats French fries!?), continues to wake us up with her cute, high-pitched meows and forehead kisses nearly every morning, and chills out in our sink waiting for mom to turn on the faucet.


We plan on giving back to the JLACF for many years to come. They gave our Zooey a second chance and we want to make sure other animals get their second chance as well.
The volunteers at the JLACF are ecstatic that Zooey was given the opportunity to receive the best possible medical care. We are also fortunate that Zooey’s Family wants to give back and help others in similar situations.